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International Journal of Management Prudence

Volume 4 Issue 2

Published: 2012
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Change Management

V. Tamilarasu   26-31

Sandeep Riat- A Born Women Entrepreneur

Meenu Goyal, Jai Parkash   32-35

Managing the Generation Y

Rasheed I. Darga   36-40

Customers Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction Measurement of Postal Services in Vadodara City of Gujarat State

kalpesh J. Purohit, Parimal H. Vyas, Madhusudan N. Pandya   41-52

Implementation of Status Register with UART by VHDL

Neeta Choubey, H.R. Singh   62-69

A Study on Application of Activity Based Costing in Khootka Food Industry

Mojdeh Kashef Vaighan, Rohullah Tavakolizade, Ali Habibi   110-120

Human Resource Accounting in India: An Overview

Brajesh Kumar Tiwari   121-125

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