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International Journal on Leadership

Journal Introduction

Being a leader is not just about titles, it is about taking responsibility for making things happen. How one understands, builds leadership skills and applies them on a broader level depends on one's knowledge and confidence to expand beyond boundaries. To navigate today's knowledge economy, business leaders, male or female, increasingly need to pack their skill. New paradigm leaders will continue to set the standard for how to lead a business, sell a vision; create a readiness to reinvent the rules and identify tactics for changing challenges into opportunities.

Rationale for Launching the Journal

International Journal on Leadership (IJL) would provide a forum to researchers, engineers, CEO’s and academicians to share their ideas and research in the field of Management. It shall serve as a forum for individuals in the field to publish their research results as well as for interested readers to acquire latest developments and trend in the field of Management/leadership. “International Journal on Leadership” is published biannually and publishes high quality original manuscripts, Review articles, Conceptual papers, Technical reports, Case studies & Book reviews. The chief editor welcomes the submission of suitable material for publication and will be pleased to discuss proposals for papers.

Key Research Areas / Scope Covered in the Journal

Conceptual and Empirical research papers related to the following can be submitted (not limited to).

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Contemporary Leadership
  • Effective Leadership
  • Leadership Behaviour
  • Leadership Skills
  • Managing Power
  • Conflict
  • Problem Solving
  • Negotiation
  • Creativity
  • Managing Followers: Talent management, Succession management, Career management
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Team
  • Developing Leadership
  • Global Leadership and Global Career
  • Expatriate and Repatriation
  • International Leadership Competencies
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