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Employees’ Satisfaction: A Motivational Approach

International Journal of Management Prudence

Volume 1 Issue 2

Published: 2010
Author(s) Name: Santosh Dev, Aayushi Gupta
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Management is the art and craft of getting things done by others. Management, an age-old concept, is invariably a goal-driven activity and man is the cynosure. Management creates a condition in which people are willing to work with interest, enthusiasm, initiative, loyalty, discipline, a sense of responsibility, belongingness, pride and confidence so that the goal of the organization can be achieved. This realisation has to be obtained through one’s own duties and one will not indulge in his duties until he or she is satisfied. Thus Employees Satisfaction has always been and will ever be an important motivational approach in all the organizations. This paper consolidates various theories, models, and publications on employee satisfaction from a range of text book based and web based sources. So many factors have been considered for measuring employees’ satisfaction. An effort has been made to consolidate all the possible factors. The subsequent effect all these factors have on employee satisfaction as well as the interrelationships between them has also been investigated as according to Ticehurst and Veal, the key element behind research is the exploration of relationships between concepts. Key Words: Employee, Satisfaction, Motivation

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