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Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 50 Issue 4

Published: 2015
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The Gaping Gaps in Labor Statistics in India

K.R. ShyamSundar   550-559

Work from Home: A Boon or a Bane? The Missing Piece of Employee Cost

Dharma Raju Bathini & George Kandathil   568-574

Determinants of Executive Salary in a Competitive Market

Jatinder Kumar Jha & Sunil Maheshwari   575-587

Determinants of Vacancies for Management Graduates in Indian Firms

Ashutosh Bishnu Murti & Bino Paul GD   588-600

Is CSR a Hygiene Factor for Prospective Employees? An Indian Exploration

Sunil Maheshwari & Rama Shankar Yadav   601-612

Alignment of HR Practices with Organizational Strategies

G. Venkat Rao & D.Jayarama Krishna   666-679

Human Resource Practices in Indian SMEs- An Exploratory Study

Upasna A. Agarwal & Sumi Jha   680-695

Empowering Leadership: A Study of Team Leaders & Team Members

Manjari Srivastava & Ruta Vyas   696-712

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