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Investigating the Impact of Hotel Manager Emotional Intelligence on Their Behavioral Job Performance

International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems

Volume 16 Issue 2

Published: 2023
Author(s) Name: Duong Thi Hoai Nhung, Nguyen Thu Giang | Author(s) Affiliation: Lecturer of HR Department, Faculty of Business Administration, Foreign Trade Univ., Ha Noi, Vietnam.
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Hospitality is labour-intensive sector that makes interpersonal relationships challenging for managers. Therefore, emotional intelligence (EI) is of great importance in the workplace, especially with the hotel managers, because this type of intelligence exerts influence on their job performance. This article investigates the impact of hotel manager EI on their behavioral job performance. Regression analysis is used to confirm this positive association. A convenience sample of 273 respondents from 33 resort hotels, which were operated by both international or local chains in Vietnam, were purposively selected to achieve the purpose of the study. The survey hotels were either luxury resort hotels or luxury business hotels, each with a staff force of more than 250 employees and over 200 rooms. The findings indicated that the influence of emotion of hotel managers constitutes the most important determinant of their behavioral job performance. This is followed by others’ emotion appraisal, regulation of emotion and self-emotion appraisal. These findings may help hotel managers to understand and express emotions appropriately, improve problem-solving and handle interpersonal issues, as well as increase their well-being which could ultimately improve hotel manager’s behavioral job performance.

Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Behavioral Job Performance, Hotel Managers

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