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Global Journal of Research in Management

Volume 1 Issue 1

Published: 2011
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Review Of Offshore Outsourcing

Soni Agrawal, Dr.Kishor Goswami, Dr. Bani Chatterjee   1-19

Patients Safety: Emerging Issues & Challenges

Dr. Parimal H. Vyas, Dr. Madhusudan N. Pandya   20-45

A Study of Emotional Competence of Employees

Shahana Perveen, Thingnam Girija, Dr. K. Bharathi Kumari   45-55

Bankers’ Perspectives On E-Banking

Dr. Himani Sharma   71-85

Study Of Industrial Customers’ Expectations And Satisfaction Towards Identification Products

Mr. Mulchandji Sen, Mr.Rizwan Rana, Mr. Jitesh Parmar   86-99

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