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Global Journal of Research in Management

Guidelines for Paper Submission

Authors are requested to strictly comply with following guidelines while submitting Manuscripts for Global Journal of Research in Management:-

  1. Manuscripts have to be submitted in MS Word file (*.doc) as an email attachment to: or/and
  2. Use 12 point ‘TIMES NEW ROMAN BOLD FONT (UPPERCASE)’ for main Headings. All Headings should be serially numbered in Roman figures I, II, III, IV,…
  3. Use 12 point ‘Times New Roman Bold Font (Capitalize Each Word)’ for first level Sub Headings. First Level Sub Headings should be serially numbered in capital alphabets A,B,C,…
  4. Use 12 point ‘Times New Roman Bold Italics Font (Capitalize Each Word)’ for second level Sub Headings. Second Level Sub Headings should be serially numbered in small alphabets a,b,c…
  5. Use 12 point simple ‘(Unbolded, non-italics) Times new roman font’ for Text part of the Manuscript.
  6. Follow above guidelines for Charts and Tables as well (in addition to Text Part of the Paper).
  7. Maintain Single inch Margin on all four sides of A4 size paper.
  8. Maintain Single Line Spacing throughout paper. Restrict whole paper length maximum to 16 Pages (Including Tables, Charts).
  9. All tables, charts, graphs, big equations should be numbered properly and put at the end of the paper (after reference section). Give appropriate notes in the text for referring to them. For example, you can write- ‘Kindly refer Table – I’ in the text.
  10. Images should be of high resolution and in only black and white color.
  11. Follow American Psychological Association (APA) Guidelines for preparation of manuscript references.
  12. Within text, references must be indicated in brackets with authors surname(s) and date of publication.
  13. List the full reference in alphabetical order of author(s) surname at the end of the text part of paper.
  14. The cover page should contain Title of Paper, Main Author / Co-Author(s) Name, Designations, Affiliations, Complete Official Address, Contact Phone/Fax Nos., Email Address, Mention about Corresponding Author Name(If applicable), Sponsorship (of research work) Details (If any).
  15. Abstract should be of maximum 200 words. It should be able to effectively convey summary of whole paper in brief.
  16. Originality / Unpublished Work Certificate is to be provided by author(s) with manuscript submission.

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