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A study on work stress amongst employees of various public and private sector organizations in India

Drishtikon: A Management Journal

Volume 1 Issue 2

Published: 2010
Author(s) Name: Kapil Pandla
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In today’s economic upheavals where downsizing, layoff, mergers, and bankruptcies have become quite common, stress in the work place has increased considerably. The pressures that an employee faces are technological change, working in changing shifts, low social status, fewer benefits, less number of holidays, no recreation, work pressure, poor relations with superior and subordinates have led the way to stress. Employees at every level are experiencing increased tension and uncertainty, and employees at risk for physical illness, marital strain, anxiety, depression, and even suicide. Since there is no single level of stress that is optimal for all people, all individuals have unique requirements. All of us differ in our physiological and psychological responses to stress. As such stress has different meaning to different people. A big question is whether sources of stress are different for public and private sector employees? Secondly how employees cope up with the stress Against this backdrop the present study has tried to identify the sources of stress, and coping mechanism used by different people working in various public and private sector organisations. Key Words : Stress, Stress in Public Sector, Stress in Private Sector, Coping with Stress, Stress and Productivity

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