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Drishtikon: A Management Journal

Volume 1 Issue 2

Published: 2010
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Entrepreneurship: Our Glorious Heritage

Er. J.S. Kular, Inderpreet Kaur, Amanpreet Singh Brar   65-88

Mutual Fund Performance: A Review

K. Lubza Nihar, K. Satya Murty   89-102

Global Recession-The Sub-Prime Crisis

Leena Kaushal   103-122

Financial Inclusion - The Outlook, the Concerns and the Road Ahead

Rohit Bansal, Rahul Garg, Rakesh Kumar   142-155

A Network Based Economy Model Using the Concept of Diversity, Independence and Decentralization (D-I-D)

Yogeshwar P Kosta, G Krishnamurthy & Sujata Krishnamurthy   156-179

Micro Financing: A Boom for the Poor

Prof.G.V.Jagapathi Rao   180-193

Employee Management at HDFC Bank - A Case Study

Shashank Shah, A. Sudhir Bhaskar   206-221

Social Identity Crisis amongst Employees in Mergers & Acquisitions

Aparna Sethi, Navodita Mishra & Mihir Dash   244-262

Superior Customer Experience through Brand Positioning - Empirical Study on Branded Shirts

M. Prasanna Mohan Raj, P.T.VijayaRajkumar, G.Bhuvaneswari   295-310

Economic Reforms and Regional Disparities in India

Md.Mahtab Alam, Ankita Soni, Ur Dangarwala   311-324

Why We Buy - The Science of Shopping

Pratima Sheorey   465-469

Psychology Applied to Work

Vinita Sinha   470-473

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