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Food Blogging: A Niche Career

ATITHYA: A Journal of Hospitality

Volume 5 Issue 1

Published: 2019
Author(s) Name: Lalita Chirmulay, Jyoti Peshave | Author(s) Affiliation: I/c Principal, BVDUIHMCT, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
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Food blogging has become an increasingly innovative and commercially viable occupation. The relationship between Restaurateurs and Food bloggers has been growing over the last few years. Foodies are eager to discuss and explore various recipes and cuisines. Customers form their purchase decisions based on food reviews. Restaurateurs, Caterers, Professional Chefs, Home Chefs, Home Bakers, Food Stylists and Food Photographers are important figures in the food marketing business. Food blogging is a current and upcoming unconventional career option for graduates and post-graduates in hotel management and catering technology.

Keywords: Food Blogging, Food Journalism, Blog Writing, Food Photography, Food Styling, Restaurateurs, Chefs, Caterers, Home Chefs, Home Bakers

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