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Journal of Entrepreneurship & Management

(The) Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management (JEM) tends to create a platform for communication between academicians, policy makers, practitioners, researchers, entrepreneurs, small scale enterprises and persons concerned with the role of business with special focus to entrepreneurship research. Journal aims to promote a greater understanding, from an international perspective, of recent practices and research. JEM focuses on the international dimension of various segments of enterprises, business and industries all across.

Scope of Journal

Journal invites research papers based on empirical research, case studies, monographs, review papers and book reviews related to different aspects of entrepreneurship theory and practice. The published papers should be able to add significant value to the existing literature of entrepreneurship. Sustaining of the reader’s interest is an important criterion for selection of the paper. Research based articles are bly encouraged but focus should be on analysis and recommendations cutting down on technical aspects. Policy papers, best practices and case studies, creative concepts and applications, book reviews, commentaries, interviews and other thought provoking manuscripts are bly encouraged. Particularly welcome are future oriented manuscripts that offer small businesses and start-ups a vision of business in twenty first century and practical road maps for getting there. Also encouraged are manuscripts that address interdisciplinary topics or approach “traditional” topics from interdisciplinary perspective. Learning by sharing is the foundation of this journal. We encourage success stories of policy implementation at a macro level as also best practices and creative solutions at firm level.

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