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Journal of West Asian Studies

Introduction of Journal

The Journal of West Asian Studies is published by the centre of West Asian Studies, Aligarh Muslim University to strengthen its multifarious research activities and to provide in-depth research on various aspects of the West Asian society. The research Journal has been brought out with the objectives: i) to provide authentic, reliable, well documented and unbiased recorded information; ii) creation of opportunities to bring India and countries of West Asia and North Africa closer; iii) provide a forum for a better understanding of the world which could enhance the prospects of global peace; and iv) providing forum for scholars of West Asian Studies to come closer to each other.

Journal of west Asian studies is a referred journal with focus on areas such as Post cold war developments, Globalization and economic liberalization, Indo-West Asian relation: Economic, Political, Social and strategic relations, human and physical resource potential of the region, economic and political development, west Asian and India’s energy security. Journal accepts contribution from all scholars of social sciences and humanities whose approach and methodology are objective, analytical and critical as well as original in nature

Brief Introduction of Department/University

The Centre of West Asian Studies (CWAS) was established in 1967 as an independent interdisciplinary area study centre of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. It consists of faculty and researchers from diverse disciplines of the Social Sciences and Arts, particularly history, political science, economics, geography, sociology and Arabic, specializing on problems and issues related to West Asia. It is a multi-disciplinary centre primarily focusing on contemporary problems and issues pertaining to West Asia. Apart from team work among the faculty, collaborative teaching and research with scholars from related departments are also undertaken. The Centre’s activities include undertaking of in-depth research studies, organization of conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops and group discussions on varied aspects of the Area.

As the region constitutes an integral part of India’s extended neighborhood, studies and researches in the centre are related to their relevance to India. While the in-depth study of polity, history, economy and society of a given state or area is vital for our understanding, new factors related to economic diplomacy, trade, new regionalism, decline of UN, end of cold war, rising tide of ethnicity and religion and growing acts of terrorism across the region etc. have added several new dimensions to our study in the centre.

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