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Journal of Commerce and Accounting Research

Journal of Commerce & Accounting Research (JCAR) tends to create a platform for communication between academicians, policymakers, practitioners, researchers and persons concerned with the role of business with special focus to accounting research. Journal aims to promote a greater understanding, from perspective, of recent accounting practices and research. JCAR focuses on the dimension of various segments of commerce and practices consistent with the need to transcend the cultural and national boundaries in a globalised economy.

The JCAR publishes high-quality original manuscripts, Review articles, Conceptual papers, Technical reports, Case studies & Book reviews. Journal focus is to promote greater understanding of the dimensions of business & accounting.

Key Areas / Scope of Journal (List is not exhaustive)

  1. Global accounting
  2. Financial accounting
  3. Management accounting
  4. Cost accounting
  5. Taxation
  6. Auditing
  7. Accounting and information systems
  8. Accounting education
  9. Environmental accounting
  10. Social accounting
  11. Accounting for non-profit organisations and firms
  12. Public sector accounting
  13. Corporate governance accounting
  14. Ethical issues in accounting reporting
  15. Human resource accounting
  16. Environmental Management accounting
  17. Corporate governance
  18. Corporate disclosure
  19. Corporate reporting
  20. Accounting education
  21. Accounting teaching
  22. Methodology
  23. Balanced scorecard
  24. Performance measurement Techniques
  25. Investments
  26. Quantitative research methods
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