Saturday, 02 Jul, 2022




Mody University International Journal of Computing and Engineering Research

Now a day the academia and researchers are not only pondering, but experiencing the overwhelming outcomes of interdisciplinary researches. It has been ubiquitously encouraged by the governments, research fraternity and by the academic institutions. Therefore, the journal believes in publishing all manuscripts with disciplinary or interdisciplinary in nature associated with the engineering domain. An another challenging aspect is associated with the dissemination of the outcomes of research and innovations up to a common man. In the current era, the way of dissemination of knowledge to all stakeholders through research journals has become less ethical and more professional.


Hence, the inception of the journal, Mody University International Journal of Computing and Engineering Research (MIJCER) stances on the edges of quality, ethics, novelty, originality without any publication and processing fee. All the submissions will be thoroughly checked by Turnitin and afterwards they will undergo peer-review process. The journal entrusts in the philosophy that; a research is useless if it doesn’t open new avenues for others.


So far, the journal is indexed with Google scholar and J-Gate database and indexing with other databases are in progress.
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