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International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems

Guidelines for Author

IJHTS publishes Four Issues in a Year. Articles can be submitted through-out the year.

All manuscripts received for submission within International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems are sent to the editor who selects two reviewers for a blind review process. The reviewers use five criteria for evaluating research papers:

  1. Reliability
  2. Readability
  3. Relevance
  4. Quality of research
  5. Interpretation of the research for professionals in the industry

Manuscript requirements

Submission requirements: Manuscripts should be written as understandably and concisely as possible with clarity and meaningfulness. Submissions are accepted only in electronic form; authors are requested to submit one copy of each manuscript by email attachment. All manuscripts should be emailed to the Editor (Dr. Mohinder Chand, at mohinderchand@rediffmail.com), there is no review fee. However, a letter to the editor must be enclosed requesting review and publication of the research paper; the letter must also state that the manuscript has not been previously published and is not under review for another journal or book. Submission of a manuscript to Hospitality and Tourism Systems represents a certification on the part of the author(s) that it is an original work and has not been copyrighted elsewhere; manuscripts that are eventually published may not be reproduced in any other publication (print or electronic), as their copyright has been transferred to Hospitality and Tourism Systems. The letter should include the corresponding author’s address, affiliation and e-mail to receive all editorial correspondence. The concise Oxford English Dictionary is used as a reference for all spellings and hyphenations.

Title page: the title page should include: the article title; the author’s names and affiliations; address.

Abstract: An abstract should be submitted that does not exceed 150-200 words in length with five key words. It should be on the separate page. Abstracts should contain an abbreviated Representation of the content of the manuscript. Major results, conclusions, and/or Recommendations should be given, followed by supporting details of method, scope, or purpose as appropriate.

Length of main research paper: Main articles\ Research Papers should be not longer than 7000 words and not shorter than 5000. Research Notes should be not longer than 3000 words and not shorter than 2000. Case Studies should be not longer than 3500 words and not shorter than 3000. Book Reviews should be not longer than 2000 words and not shorter than 1000. Conference Reports should be not longer than 2000 words and not shorter than 1000. Industry Viewpoints should be not longer than 2000 words and not shorter than 1000. Forthcoming Events should be not longer than 500 words. The main body of the text should be written in Times New Roman letters, font size 12.Section headings should be written in bold, font size 12. The preferred software for submission is Microsoft Word. Authors submitting papers for publication should specify which section of the journal they wish their paper to be considered for: research papers, research notes, case studies, book reviews, conference reports, industry viewpoints, and forthcoming events. Manuscripts that do not fully conform to the above word limits (according to the type of the article) will be automatically rejected and should not be entered into the reviewing process. Further, Author(s) are responsible for preparing manuscripts which are clearly written in acceptable, scholarly English, and which contain no errors of spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Neither the Editorial Board nor the Publisher is responsible for correcting errors of spelling or grammar.

References style: In the main text, references are cited within parentheses like (Dhiman 2005). For multiple citations (Dhiman, 1999; and Kumar, 2006). The Reference list, placed at the end of the manuscript, must be typed in alphabetical order of authors. Tables, figures and illustrations are to be included in the text and to be numbered.

For journal: Mohinder, C. & Katou, A.A. (2007) The impact of HRM practices on organisational performance in the Indian hotel industry. Employee Relations – an international journal, 29(6): 576-594.

For book: Dhiman, M.C., (2006), Travel Agency Management, 2nd eds., p-134, Anmol publications pvt, New Delhi.

For chapters in edited books: Smith M. and Christou, E. (2002). Internet for enhancing tourism and hospitality education. , In M.C. Dhiman, A.J. Sharma and H. Singh (Eds.) Human Resource management in Tourism and hospitality, Pearson: New Delhi.

For papers presented in conferences: Dhiman, M. C and Chauhan V. (2001). Travel Agency HRD practices: an investigation, Paper presented at the International conference on tourism, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, India: 3-6 August 2001.

For Internet sources (if you know the author): Dhiman, M. (2003) HRD in tourism. ?ttp://www.tourismabstracts.org/hrd/papers-authors/id2354. Accessed the 14th of January 2006, at 14:55

For Internet sources (if you do not know the author): Tourism supply and demand. http://www.tourism abstracts.org/ food/papers-authors/4509 Accessed the 30th of March 2005, at 12:35. ).

Page proofs and Reprints: page proofs of the paper will be sent to the corresponding author for minimal corrections but rewriting the text is not permitted. The corrected proof must be returned within 25 days of receipt. The author will receive one copy of the journal.

Correspondence Address

For Manuscript Submission:-
Dr. Mohinder Chand
International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems
E-mail Id: mohinderchand@rediffmail.com

For Industry Viewpoints Conference reports, book review and Forthcoming Events submission to:
Associate Editor
Mr. Ashish Dahiya
International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems
E-mail Id: ashish.dahiya@hotmail.com

Feedback regarding the submission of a manuscript (including the reviewers’ comments) will be provided to the author(s) within five weeks of the receipt of the manuscript to the author(s). Upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication, authors should provide a letter of transfer of copyright. Please follow the above mentioned criteria.

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