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A Study on Job Satisfaction of Employees of Hotel Industry in Tirunelveli City

XIBA Business Review

Volume 2 Issue 1

Published: 2016
Author(s) Name: R. Sangeetha, N. Pradeep Kumar | Author(s) Affiliation: Xavier Inst of Buss Administration,St. Xaviers College,Palayamkottai.Tirunelveli,Tamil Nadu,India
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Hotel Industry is always a changing one and will continue to change. There has been concentration of hotel activities in reborn and reconstructed central cities. Demographics play a vital role in this regard. People must be treated as human beings at the place of work, as they come to work with certain specific motives, to earn money and to get employment. The future prospect is determined by their present job only. Only through the knowledge and energy of the people, the organizational objectives are to be accomplished. Hence, the needs of the employees should not be ignored. The successful accomplishment of the goals of institution is only in the hands of their employees who are well satisfied with their work and job position. When an employee is dissatisfied at work and lacks the motivation to act in a profession that is mainly customer-service related as a hotel, this will directly affect their level of efficiency and quality of service. This study is aims to know the job satisfaction of employees of hotel industry in Tirunelveli.

Keywords: Hotel Industry, Employee, Motives, Socio-Economic Factors, Job Experience, Job Satisfaction, Hypothesis, Quality of Service

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