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Field Work during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Practice Model based on Actual Experimentations

Social Work Chronicle

Volume 10 Issue 1

Published: 2021
Author(s) Name: Atul Pratap Singh | Author(s) Affiliation: Associate Professor, Dept. of Social Work, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar College (University of Delhi).
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Undoubtedly, field work practicum in social work education is the signature pedagogy which signifies the vital methodology of teaching learning to prepare its students as professional practitioners. In fact, this field work is an integral part of social work education. The students need to continue their field work practice-learning through their initiatives, even during the COVID-19 pandemic; hence, it is time to experiment field work practice-learning exposure in new settings. This paper presents a blueprint of field work practice-learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, based on the author’s own actual teaching-learning instruction-based experimentations and innovations for more than one-and-a-half years. The paper also talks about various tasks to be performed by the students physically or virtually or in a blended mode. Besides, the paper explores the role of the faculty supervisor in the present situation.

Keywords: Field Work Practicum in Social Work, Field Work during COVID-19 Pandemic, New Settings of Field Work, Field Work Tasks, Role of Faculty Supervisor

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