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Disaster Management and Role of Academic Institutions

Social Work Chronicle

Volume 1 Issue 1

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Meena Galliara, Ananya Prabhawalkar
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Frequent and intense natural & manmade disasters are having devastating impact at global as well as local level. Globally attempts are being made to develop disaster resilient communities by shifting the focus of addressing disasters from providing mere response and relief to disaster affected victims to disaster mitigation and preparedness. It is in this context, the present paper makes an attempt to examine the socio economic impact of disasters on the global level in general and India in particular. The paper briefly discusses the context in which Government of India developed its disaster management strategy and the administrative mechanism set up to address disasters. To accelerate the process of disaster related knowledge dissemination the paper makes an attempt to discuss how academic institutions can play a larger role in influencing young minds to develop appropriate values and attitudes necessary to create a culture of disaster preparedness and mitigation through developing appropriate knowledge modules, demonstrating activities related to developing institutional disaster management plans, carrying out mock drills and conducting capacity building programmes. Universities and institutions of higher education in addition to developing a sound knowledge base can undertake relevant research in the areas of disaster management and play an advocacy role for reviewing and revising disaster management policies and approaches adopted by the Nation.

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