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Gender Differences in Job Satisfaction - A Study of Pharmaceautical Employees in Jaipur

OPUS: HR Journal

Volume 7 Issue 2

Published: 2016
Author(s) Name: Aparna Mendiratta | Author(s) Affiliation: Senior Asst Prof, International School of Informatics & Mgt, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
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The present study focuses on studying the gender differences in perception of parameters of Job Satisfaction. It is evident with previous studies that the factors affecting job satisfaction vary gender wise because the priorities of both males and females are different. Though some studies contradict and say this phenomenon cant be generalized. As per those studies there is no significant role of gender in experiencing the job satisfaction differently. This study has been conducted to study the gender preferences in experiencing different level of job satisfaction of the employees in the Pharmaceutical sector. The study is based on primary data, collected from Pharmaceutical employees of Jaipur city. The investigation was done by studying four basic dimensions of employee satisfaction i.e. HR policies, compensation benefits, work environment and relationship with superiors. The study has helped in understanding the differences in job satisfaction parameters amongst males and females. The study implies that males are more satisfied with monetary factors or compensation benefits such as adequate perks, fairness in salaries. On the other hand females are more contended with non monetary factors such as equal opportunities at workplace, degree of freedom given in doing jobs.

Keywords: Compensation Benefits, Gender Perceptions, Work Environment

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