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Neuro-Fuzzy Advisory System for Banks with Type 2 Fuzzy Approach

National Journal of System and Information Technology

Volume 4 Issue 1

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Mr. Jeegar Ashokkumar Trivedi, Dr. Priti Srinivas Sajja
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India is rated second largest country in the world for its population. India still is a developing country and is progressing towards financial stability. Various different banks exists abide by the rule of Reserve Bank of India. To make India strengthen economically banks are issuing loans to people, institutes, industries and countries. Hence there is a need of an effective guiding system for banks that advice bank authorities how to give loans, what are different plans for loans are possible, what is the maximum revenue that can be earned from a business loan. The paper presents an effective advisory system for banks to take such crucial decision. The proposed system is developed with artificial neural networks and type 2 fuzzy logic. The structure of artificial neural network, training data, fuzzy membership functions used and implementation details are also discussed in this paper. Keywords: Artificial Neural Networks, Type 2 Fuzzy Logic, Neuro-Fuzzy Systems, Bank Loan.

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