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Developing mobile based system with qtopia sdk in virtual operating system &linux kernel - mobile technology

National Journal of System and Information Technology

Volume 2 Issue 1

Published: 2009
Author(s) Name: Dr. Prashant M. Dolia, Milan S. Bhatt
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The introduction of Linux operating system into the embedded sector has been one of the most exciting changes in the last few years. Based on the open-source model, it offers new possibilities to embedded engineers traditionally used to commercial operating systems. Qt for Embedded Linux (formerly known as Qtopia Core) is the leading application framework for the developing a (For Region Language - Gujarati) mobile-application and mobile based kernel system as well as single-purpose devices powered by embedded Linux. It provides a robust and proven development environment inherited from the Qt cross-platform application framework and key components developed specifically for embedded Linux. Qt for Embedded Linux enables manufacturers to efficiently create devices with applications that are tailored to market needs specifically Gujarati Language. Keywords: Qt, Linux, Qtopia, Cross-platform, Gujarati Language, mobile application, mobile based kernel.

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