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A new model for congestion detection in high speed network with high speed protocols

National Journal of System and Information Technology

Volume 2 Issue 2

Published: 2009
Author(s) Name: T. Sheela, Dr. J. Raja
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Continuously growing needs for Internet applications that transmit massive amount of data has led to the emergence of high speed networks. The primary factor hindering the flow of Traffic is Network Congestion. Data transfer must take place without any congestion. The Internet carries certain critical data and information which need to be delivered to the receiver at all cost. Thus Congestion Detection plays a key role in high speed networks. The Traditional TCP has been used over the years to detect and control Congestion. Various algorithms such as ECN, DECbit, RED Queue Mechanism are adopted by TCP to detect Congestion. In this paper, a rational mechanism utilizing XCP protocol is used. Adopting the techniques of a new congestion detection module with effective feedback mechanism and modified window adjustment is achieved. A Separate Congestion Detection Module is developed to detect and inform immediate Congestion Detection and Control. The feedback parameters are calculated based on arrival rate, service rate, traffic rate and queue size. Resulting in no drastic decrease in window size, better increase in sending rate because of which there is a continuous flow of data without congestion. Therefore as a result of this, there is a maximum increase in throughput, high utilization of the bandwidth and minimum delay. The result of the proposed work is presented as a graph based on throughput, delay and window size. Thus in this paper, XCP protocol is well illustrated and the various parameters for Congestion Detection are thoroughly analyzed and adequately presented. Keywords: TCP/IP, Congestion Detection, Window Management, Feedback Control, Queue Management, Explicit Control Protocol.

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