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Quality of work life among the employers of public sector Banks in Coimbatore City

Management Prudence Journal

Volume 2 Issue 2

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Mr. T. Kalimuthu, Dr. R. Ganapathi
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Every individual spends a considerable amount of time at the work place and devotes the greater part o his or her life to work by spending time, energy and physical and mental resources to fulfill his or her endeavour. Work is the chief determinant of the freedom of an individual. Today the Indian banking industry is witnessing boom times better than ever before. The availability of skilled managerial and technical manpower in India will contribute considerably to the prosperity of the banking industry in future. Hence in the present study an attempt has been made to assess the perceptions of the employees who are working at presently on the quality of work life in the banking industry. The quality of work life covers a wide range of issues both financial and non-financial relating to work context, work contents and work relations. The objectives of the study are to find out whether there is adequate and fair compensation for the work rendered, participation of employees in decision making, the welfare measures, improvement of Quality of Work Life (QWL) and to offer suitable suggestions. For the study descriptive research design has been adopted and the primary data are collected through a well structured questionnaire. Coimbatore city the third largest city in Tamil Nadu is known for the existence of numerous public sector, private sector and foreign banks. Hence it has been chosen as the area of study.

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