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Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks Security Solutions and Countermeasures

Journal of Scientific and Technical Research

Volume 6 Issue 1

Published: 2016
Author(s) Name: D.P. Mishra, Ramesh Kumar | Author(s) Affiliation:
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Wireless Sensor Network is special type of Ad-hoc network formed with autonomous motes with power and memory constraint. WSN is used in various applications such as healthcare, Environmental monitoring, habitat monitoring military, ecology, home and many more practicable solution for challenging applications of different areas. When wireless sensor networks are deployed in an open, hostile or specific defense environment the security becomes extremely important, since WSN motes are resource constraint there is scope for different types of malicious attacks on them. This paper analyses the security solutions and the security mechanisms that will overcome security issues and attacks and recommends adequate solution for the WSN threats.

Keywords: WSN, Attacks, Prevention, Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability

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