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Training and Development: Emerging Ways Towards The Manpower Development

Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management

Volume 1 Issue 1

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Shikha Kaushik
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Since the last decade, the shortage of highly skilled labour has put demand of smart manpower development practices on industry that should be based not only on perseverance of the existing human capital but also on value-addition in the industrial talent-pool. The recent recession hyped the critical conditions in such way that the existing training focus area, modes and methods concepts seemed insufficient in coping with the popped up challenges and at the same time employees are expected to move beyond their technical and functional skills. Therefore, the companies are in strive of well-equipped workforce exploring new facets of training to fit them out for dealing with the challenges. Employee development through mentoring and consultation is an enhanced role of higher management in the industry for providing guidance and emotional support to the employees. On-line training and other e-learning concepts are valued as cost saving tools. Hence, the emerging trends are reflecting in new concepts, modes and methods of training for minimizing the steepness of the learning curve targeting at employees’ efficiency. Objective of the research paper is to present the recent changes and trends in the practices of manpower development and to point out the newly added aspects and methods of the same in the light of recession.

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