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Short Communication: Five-Pronged Approach to Building Resilience at Workplace in Teachers Community in Andaman Islands during COVID-19

Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management

Volume 10 Issue 3

Published: 2021
Author(s) Name: Kala Sneha, G. S. Maheswari | Author(s) Affiliation: VISTAS, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
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In today’s continuously fluctuating scenario and coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, resilience is a newscaster that will help individuals handle pressure, sustain efficiency, and augment the performance and quality of their workplace. Resilience theory is the capability of one to acclimate effectively and bounce back from hardship, catastrophe, stress, hindrance, and depression. Resilience helps individuals make decisions and validate their investment. Resilience among teachers helps them cope with risk factors, and builds self-esteem during the pandemic. There is more need for stress management and self-care now than during any other situation. This study will review the stress level among teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the 5-pronged approach to building resilience at the workplace. Being 1,375 km from mainland India, the least focus has been given to the teachers’ community on the Andaman, during COVID-19. This paper highlights the professional, physical, psychological, social, and financial aspects that are triggered to build resilience. Hence, it is vital for a teacher to resist stress and requires an adaptive response to all changes at the workplace. To understand stress and manage it better at the workplace, resilience therapy was used on 50 teachers from different schools, who were allotted various responsibilities related to COVID management. Perceived stress scale and stress overload scale were used to determine the stress levels pre- and post-application of the resilience therapy on teachers.

Keywords: Stress, Resilience, Coronavirus, Teachers, Andaman, Workplace, Therapy, 5-Pronged Approach

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