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Quality Interventions in HR Practices: A Case of Higher Education

Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management

Volume 1 Issue 2

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Jaya Bhasin, Aubid Hussain Parrey
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Higher Education Institutions leverage knowledge to spur innovation, improve customer service and help in achieving excellence. Regarding this essential and strategic role of quality in Higher Education Institutions, HR interventions in academic institution’s service quality becomes important. The administrative executives and managers, along with the faculty of the higher education institutes should pay attention in developing their educational institutes in the light of various dimensions of students’ quality perception. They should comply with all the necessities, standards and requirements of quality education needed by students. Accreditation process and the law is not a solution for the problem instead the involvement of the stakeholders in every step is essential. This paper broadly focuses on the efforts and strategies of Higher Educational Institutions for transforming them into progressive educational institutions of higher learning driven by innovative HR strategies and standards of quality and excellence as seen by the students. Analysis of the collected data has been done by using perceptual mapping for the responses and applying Chi-square test to determine the dependence of attributes. This study outlines administrative solutions to the problems and analyzes the dynamics of change by proposing a strategic HR intervention for achieving quality standards in Higher Educational Institutions.

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