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Motivation and its Impact on Work Behavior of the Employees of the IT Industry in Bangalore

Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management

Volume 1 Issue 1

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Avin Thaliath, Rejoice Thomas
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This Study is to make an attempt to find that employees are not motivated solely by money and also employee behavior is linked to the attitudes. In 1966, Herzberg interviewed a number of people in different professionals at different levels to find out two factors:- Those factors that motivated them in workplace. and those factors that prevented job dissatisfaction. Within this study we analyzed factors for the cause of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, or which are related to the motivator factors or to the hygiene factors. According to Herzberg, image of the company, work conditions, salary/ pay, supervision, interpersonal relations’ are only hygiene factors but these can be motivating factors. The theory however does not much have a say in developing nations where hygiene factors cannot be taken into full consideration. Keywords: Motivation, Herzberg, Job satisfaction, Motivators, IT industry.

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