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Facing Challenges in the Maturity of a Companys Safety Culture: Generating Leads

Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management

Volume 11 Issue 3

Published: 2022
Author(s) Name: Harbans Lal | Author(s) Affiliation: SNDT Womens University, Director - Forum of Behavioural Safety, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
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Industries are fast increasing in number, and so are the risks, fires, fatalities, incidents, and accidents. Organisational safety is to be treated as more than a celebration and certification. Organisational safety is a function of the company’s culture, board member’s behaviours, their maturity about people’s safety, their decision-making dynamics, and certain existing cost and business pressures. Studies revealed that the top management lack maturity of safety, which is the prime reason that they are not willing to support safety culture transformation. There is a need to educate the top management on safety culture and its connection to business. There are certain stages of maturity in a company’s safety culture: initial, middle, and advanced. The training and implementation intervention would depend on the stage of these safety cultures. The results and implications are reflected in view of the stages of safety culture maturity levels. It is found that a mature safety culture is an elevation of the positive connections and collaborations across an organisation. Around 252 industry professionals participated in this qualitative study to share their field insights. What happens daily at sites as part of the company’s safety planned intervention indicates various measures of work culture maturity, like the daily mass-communications, reverse tool-box talk (TBT) in every work area, and the daily observations for spot-correction of at-risk behaviours by everyone as part of their key result areas (KRA).

Keywords: Business, Maturity, Company, Safety, Culture

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