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A Study on Ethical Dilemmas of Managers at Workplace

Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management

Volume 3 Issue 3

Published: 2014
Author(s) Name: G. Anupama, P. Lavanya Kumari | Author(s) Affiliation:
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Business ethics always have incredible importance in business world. Transparency and moral etiquette are becoming very essential components for the organizations to sustain and grow. Not giving due consideration for the ethics in commercial activities has put many governmental and non-governmental organizations at stake. Through a strategically incorporated ethical policy, the management can also send a clear communication about the priorities of the organization to its stake holders. The concept of ethical dilemmas of managers is very much influenced by the rapidly changing business dynamics along serving the organizations objectives and needs. Managers play a key role in contributing to the ethicality of the organization. An ethical dilemma is a common and intricate mental situation often involving an evident mental conflict between moral imperatives, in which to obey one would result in contravening another. It is imperative in this context to find out the factors that influence the managers attitude towards the ethicality at workplace and also to understand grey areas where the managers find themselves in ethical dilemmas at workplace. Noteworthy business ethics cases are analyzed to emphasize the study. For carrying out the present study, select organizations in Chittoor district of Rayalaseema are considered and managerial personnel from all the select organizations are included. This study contribute standard and innovative solutions for the managers ethical dilemmas at workplace because developing innovative management strategies with due concern for ethics is indispensable.

Keywords: Ethical Dilemmas, Ethics, Strategies

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