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Supply Chain Information Systems Technologies and Management Strategies in Northern Minnesota

Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems

Volume 5 Issue 2

Published: 2016
Author(s) Name: Mahmoud Al-Odeh | Author(s) Affiliation: Prof of Manufacturing & Technology Mgt. Tech,Art, & Design Department, Bemidji State University, USA
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Improving supply chain (SC) operations is one of the goals that all organizations strive to achieve. Enhancing Supply Chain Management (SCM) will help organizations improve efficiency, generate more profit, and reduce business expenses. High value customers and suppliers can be added or retained by maintaining a reliable SCM information system. Using SCM information systems is considered as best practices in the management field. The more reliable and efficient SC, the more profits a company can generate and the easier to compete globally. This research aims to explore Northern Minnesota enterprises strategies, practices, and information systems technologies that are used for managing their supply chains. An online survey is used to collect information on three questions: What are the major challenges with the use of information systems for SCM in Northern Minnesota? What is the level of satisfaction of current strategies and practices that are used in SCM? What are the actual needs for the effective use of SCM information systems? The reliability of the survey has been insured by conducting a polite study of the survey by three companies. SPSS program is used to analyze the collected data. Descriptive analysis is used to present and explain the results. This research may help managers to determine the needs to improve their supply chains. This research can be used as a benchmark and can be implemented in other areas.

Keywords: Supply Chain Management, Strategies, Information Systems Integrations, Bemidji, Northern Minnesota

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