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Supplier Selection with Interval SAW for a Group of Decision Makers When a Group Cannot Reach to Consensus

Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems

Volume 6 Issue 3

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Mohammad Azadfallah | Author(s) Affiliation: Researcher, Business Studies and Development Office, Saipayadak, Islamic Republic of Iran.
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In the present paper, we investigate the group decision-making problem when decision makers (DMs) cannot reach consensus on a single scale value to represent their joint preference. In order to reflect uncertainty of the given information, interval SAW method and interval criteria weights are applied. To do so, we propose, first the individual preferences are obtained from the respective DMs and then they are aggregated. Whilst the individual preferences are crisp, the aggregated preference is composite intervals, which contain the different views in the group. In sum, this paper focused on the application of a SAW method with interval data to reach maximum degree of consensus in the group decision-making process. Finally, a numerical example for supplier selection is given to illustrate the application of the introduced methods. In addition, the proposed method is compared with an existed method (Bordas Function approach). Comparative results indicate that results obtained by proposed method were different from those obtained using the existed method. However, the given priorities are not consistent with each other, but it seems the proposed method can more assure the results by applying a systematic model.

Keywords: Group Decision Making, SAW, Entropy, Interval Data, Supplier Selection Problem

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