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Methodology for Evaluating Service Quality of Public Transport: Case of Delhi, India

Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems

Volume 4 Issue 1 & 2

Published: 2015
Author(s) Name: Vivek Agrawal, Vikas Tripathi, Anand Mohan Agrawal | Author(s) Affiliation: Institute of Business Management,GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
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The harmful effects of air pollution, noise pollution, traffic congestion, and energy consumption can be minimized by more and more use of public transport system. But the service quality is an obstruction in use of public transport. Managing the service quality is crucial and more important factor for increasing the use of public transport. In this paper researchers used SERVQUAL for measuring service quality of one of the modes of public transport. Service quality is an amalgamation of a variety of criteria, among them some vague criteria are difficult to measure. This attribute introduces the problem for respondent to response to the survey. To conquer this issue, the researchers used Fuzzy TOPSIS for assess the service quality of public transport system. To measure the service quality, the researchers firstly developed a questionnaire based on SERVQUAL for collected the data. The respondents provided the linguistic assessment for rating the criteria of service quality and the various alternatives available. Then linguistic assessments are combined by Fuzzy TOPSIS for measurement of overall performance of each and every alternative. The better criterion is chosen on the basis of overall performance score and ranks them. The potency of the presented move toward is its convenient applicability and skill to endow with quantitative information. The utility of this proposed approach for assessment of service quality of public transport will be applicable in the capital city and neighboring townships i.e. Delhi & NCR.

Keywords: Service Quality, SERVQUAL, Fuzzy, TOPSIS, Transport System

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