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An In-Depth Review and Classification of Supplier Quality Management Approaches: Following Trends in Academic, Industrial and Military Literature

Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems

Volume 4 Issue 4

Published: 2015
Author(s) Name: Hamed Amanipour, Aboozar Jamshidvand, Mohammad Tabatabaei | Author(s) Affiliation: MSc. Industrial Engg, Isfahan Univ. of Tech, Industrial and Systems Engg Department, Isfahan, Iran
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Supply Chain Quality Management has attained so much focus through the evolution of the products quality realization methods. The essence of this methodology is to have a system-based outlook to the products quality phenomena. Three key components of activities defined in SCQM are Upstream Quality Management, Inter-organizational Quality Practices, and Downstream Quality Practices. While suppliers are considered as the input providers through the supply chain, Supplier Quality Management is considered as the core activity in this methodology. A comprehensive review of papers and industrial and military SQM manuals made it possible to propose a novel classification in this area which is based on defining four interrelated fields of study. This article has been divided into three parts which are: 1. academic, military, and industrial literature review: firstly, by reviewing academically literature, three different fields of studies were reviewed as: (i) supplier selection methods, (ii) supplier performance monitoring, and (iii) supplier relationship management. Next, some of the novel industrial and military supplier quality management approaches have been reviewed. 2. defining selection/assessment criteria and KPIS in seven possible areas of outsourcing, and finally 3. conclusion which proposes a clear and detailed research direction by which the reader can find a good vision of the applicability of subjects analyzed in this study and the reason we have got so far into the SQM concept.

Keywords: Supply Chain Quality Management, Supplier Quality Management, Upstream Quality Management

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