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A Content Analysis of the Closed-Loop Logistics: A Review

Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems

Volume 1 Issue 2

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Mehrdad Mehrbod, Nan Tu, Lixing Miao
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Recently, closed-loop logistics (forward and reverse logistics) has received more attention due to the customer expectations, increasing environmental concern, and economic aspects. Despite the growing body of literature on this topic, little effort has been devoted to synthesize the research on closed-loop logistics. A literature review is a valid approach and necessary step towards structuring a research field, and forms an integral part of any research conducted. It also helps to identify the conceptual content of the field and can contribute to theory development. The paper presents a literature review on closed-loop logistics by adopting the content analysis method that can capture formal aspects as well as content aspects by applying a systematic procedure. It includes four main steps: material collection, descriptive analysis, category selection, and material evaluation. To classify and evaluate the body of published literature, a taxonomy formed by three dimensions is defined: descriptive, modeling, and network structure dimensions. The review reveals that closed-loop logistics is new research area in supply chain field; there still remain opportunities for extending the literature base. It identifies some gaps in the literature and develops some propositions for future research directions such as integration of tactical and operational level decisions and fully development of product recovery network.

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