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An Effect of Selected Medias Advertisements on Consumers in Rural Market: A Study with Reference to Shivamogga District

Journal of Rural and Industrial Development

Volume 5 Issue 1

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Prakash H. S., Mustiary Begum | Author(s) Affiliation:
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Advertising is one of the most important and basic ingredients in todays business environment. Without advertising, neither the industry nor the consumer can survive. Comparison and search for a better product is possible only through advertisements. The present study has an objective to study the demographic profile of the respondents and their exposure to different media, to examine the effect of advertisement on awareness and purchase of consumer durable products, to identify the most effective medium of advertising for consumer durables, and to study the important factors affecting the customers while purchasing consumer durables. The study has considered descriptive research technique. It aims to find out the effect of advertisement on consumer behaviour and brand preference in the consumer durables market of rural market of Shivamogga district. Four hypotheses were tested with the help of the SPSS 20 version. The overall outcome of the study states that rural consumers too have a habit of watching advertisements in different media, television is the most preferred medium of advertising, and there is not much difference in the opinion of male and female respondents towards advertisements.

Keywords: Advertising Effect, Brand Preference, Advertising Institution, Rural Market

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