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Role of Psychological Capital and Nature of School Organization in Turnover Intentions of Secondary School Teachers

Journal of Organisation and Human Behaviour

Volume 8 Issue 2&3

Published: 2019
Author(s) Name: Ritu Raj, Gyanesh Kumar Tiwari, Pramod Kumar Rai | Author(s) Affiliation: Scholar, Dept. of Psych., School of Humanities & Social Scie., Dr. Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya
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The study examined the turnover intentions of senior secondary school teachers in terms of the nature of school organization and psychological capital. Employing a correlational design, 118 males (M = 45.86, SD = 10.71) and 120 females (M = 43.24, SD = 9.79) were recruited using a convenience sampling method. The findings evinced that types of school showed its significant main effects for efficacy and turnover intentions, whereas gender exhibited its significant main effects for resilience and optimism. Tukey test showed that central school teachers achieved higher mean scores on efficacy and resilience compared to the teachers of state and private schools. A significant negative correlation between the scores of resiliency and turnover intentions of the central school teachers was observed. Moreover, small positive and negative correlations were observed among the scores of efficacy, hope, resiliency, optimism and psychological capital, and the scores of turnover intentions of central, state and private school teachers. The regression analysis showed that central school accounted for 7.90 variations in the score of turnover intention. Conversely, gender, state and private schools, efficacy, hope, resiliency, optimism and psychological capital did not contribute significantly to the scores of the turnover intentions of the teachers. The findings may have significant implications for policymakers while framing the policies and service conditions for employees of organizations of any sort. Future directions for researchers have been discussed.

Keywords: Psychological Capital, Turnover Intentions, Types of School Organization, Central School, State-Owned School, Private School

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