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Perceived Corporate Psychopathy and Psychological Contract

Journal of Organization and Human Behaviour

Volume 9 Issue 1&2

Published: 2020
Author(s) Name: Pranjali Rajesh Pate | Author(s) Affiliation: Masters of Psychology, HRDM, Christ University, Bangalore, Karnataka.
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Corporate life in India is getting increasingly lucrative and challenging, at the same time. Over the past couple of decades, in the wake of globalization, the collectivist country has gone through massive changes with respect to the organizational culture. This study aims to research some fresh and newly evolved concepts of personality and organizational psychology and their coherent effects. We conducted a study on 150 Indian corporate employees across various sectors. They filled out a survey, which essentially had two components: the first one denoting how much of corporate psychopathic tendencies do they observe in their immediate supervisors and the latter one gauging what type of psychological contract do they extend towards the organization. Results asserted that employees who rated their supervisors higher on corporate psychopathic tendencies showed significantly higher transactional contract with the organization as opposed to those who rated their managers lower and extended a relational contract. In addition, there was also no difference found with regard to gender in portraying corporate psychopathic tendencies.

Keywords: Corporate Psychopathy, Psychological Contract, Indian Corporates

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