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Emotional Labor: A Psychological Manipulation for Organizational Success

Journal of Organisation and Human Behaviour

Volume 1 Issue 4

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Vandna Maini, Shaveta Chugh | Author(s) Affiliation: *D.E.S., Punjab Univ., Chandigarh, India; **Khalsa College for Women, Ludhiana, India
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Services or the “tertiary sector” of the nation covers a wide range of activities like transportation, distribution, trading, banking & finance, infotainment, real estate, and among several others. Its importance in the world economy has been continuously increasing and providing services to customer is the uppermost responsibility of any organizations. Emotional labor is important to perform in the jobs that involve direct interaction with customers or clients. In order to achieve business objectives in such jobs, the employees have to adapt as per the content of the profession and further articulate certain degree of emotions to optimize customer satisfaction. This study is an attempt to study the extent of emotional pressures experienced by the employees while interacting with the clients. This would be done by: 1. Identifying the antecedents and consequences of emotional labor. 2. Investigating the relationship between the emotional labor and the long-term consequences of emotional exhaustion, job satisfaction and affective well-being at work.

Keywords: Emotional Labor, Service Sector

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