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Attendance in Classes and Examination Outcome in Management Students: Exploring the Association

Journal of Organisation and Human Behaviour

Volume 1 Issue 4

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Namita Rath, Nilamadhab Kar | Author(s) Affiliation: *Faculty, AMS, Bhubaneshwar, India; Consultant Psychiatrist and College Tutor, Wolverhampton, U.K.
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There are contrasting reports regarding effect of traditional class based training on the examination scores. There is hardly any report in this area for management training courses. Objective of this study was to find out the relation of attendance in classes and result in examination in management students. The attendance figures in each of six subjects and examination grade points were collected for a batch of management students (n=118). The result suggested that there is significant correlation between attendance in classes and examination scores; higher the attendance, higher was the score. The examination scores were significantly different in students in different quartiles of attendance percentage. Male students had significantly lower attendance and examination scores than the females. In conclusion, higher attendance in classes is related to higher scores in examination in management courses. Efforts to improve attendance appear relevant to improve outcome in examinations.

Keywords: Gender Difference, Attendance in Class, Examination score

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