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SIT: A New Dimension for Promoting a Destination: A Case Study on Religious Tourism in Odisha

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 7 Issue 1

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Debasis Sahoo
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The SIT (Special Interest Tourism) tends to generate and cater to the tourist traffic that looks for avenues other than the usual which are likely to give a completely new experience to the tourist. Religious Tourism is no way different from this and can be promoted as a special interest Tourism. Odisha being a land of ancient and sacred temples, the wondrous caves of Jainism & the mystical monasteries of Buddhism and a state where three religions flourished, is thronged by pilgrims throughout the year. Hence to develop these destinations to make them as major places of tourist’s interest is the main motto of the research. A thorough research on the various tourist destinations over the diversified regions of Odisha and a clear analysis of the statistical data has really helped to find out certain generous facts about the potential and the scope of Religious tourism in Odisha. According to a confidential survey done by a market research agency, of every 100 tourists visited, only two come to Orissa on pilgrimage. As per the National Tourism Advisory Council, pilgrimage tourism drives the growth of domestic tourist traffic to the country. Hence to increase the tourist traffic, pilgrimage tourism potential needs to be tapped and to achieve it the tourist infrastructure has to be revamped in the identified pilgrimage centres to witness a higher domestic tourist inflow in 2011-12. And finally the implication of the six ‘S’ in Odisha tourism policy that has been implemented successfully by Kerala would certainly rejuvenate the potential of Religious Tourism in Odisha. KEYWORDS: SIT, Religious tourism, Six’S’, NTAC

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