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Problems and Prospect of Tourism in Bhaderwah

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 7 Issue 1

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Umesh Choudhary
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Bhaderwah is a small valley-town in Doda 210 km away from Jammu. Bhaderwah valley is predominantly a mountainous torrid town situated 80 km from Batote. The festive mood in the district begins with the melting of snow in April and the sprouting of greenery all round. Kailash Yatra is another famous pilgrimage of the area which is considered an important Hindu pilgrimage. Bhaderwah offers to the tourist a variety of beautiful landscape, colourful local fairs, important festival mood and unique mosaic culture, extremely and pleasant summer temperature ranges from 18 degrees to 32 degrees. Popularly called Chhota-Kashmir, has bewitching natural beauty which enthralls any visitor. Kashmir is always a festinating tourist destination and motivates people from all over the world to come to this place as it is known as heaven on earth. Since lot of efforts are done by government to promote Kashmir as a tourist destination but Jammu is still not gain popularity in the tourist map of Jammu and Kashmir State. There are lots of unexplored destinations in the Jammu which are remains unaware from the knowledge of tourists in the state, Bhaderwah is one of them. The present study is an empirical investigation to find the various constraints in the way of tourism promotion in the Bhaderwah. The study further focused on the various tourist spots availability and suggests various policies for the promotion of tourism in the Bhaderwah. KEYWORDS: Tourism, Bhaderwah, Problems.

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