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Journal of Network and Information Security

Volume 10 Issue 2

Published: 2022
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Fifth Generation Technology in India

Sudhanshu Gandhi   1-7

Customer Reviews for Product Recommendation using Machine Learning

Abhishek J. M., Shishira S. Jois, Ashish K. Pastay, Chiranthan P. and Samara Mubeen   8-14

Object Detection Assistance for Visually Impaired People - A Brief Review

Aayushi Balothiya, Amol Paliwal and Nisha Rathi   15-20

Design and Implementation using of B2B Bot using Game and Queuing Theory

Tasmiya Mansoor, Varshini B. R., Y. Ashritha Bhat, Vivek Srinivasan and Samara Mubeen   21-25

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