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Assessment of Youth Engagement in Agriculture and Agribusiness in Malawi: Perceptions and Hindrances

Journal of Entrepreneurship & Management

Volume 9 Issue 2

Published: 2020
Author(s) Name: Richard Zidana, Frank Kaliati, Chrispine Shani | Author(s) Affiliation: Small and Medium Enterprise Development Inst. (SMEDI), Department of Planning and Research, Malawi.
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This study sought to assess youth engagement in agriculture and agribusiness in Malawi. Specifically, the study was aimed at answering questions surrounding knowledge and perceptions of the youth towards agriculture and agribusiness, and attendant challenges that hinder adequate youth engagement in agriculture and agribusiness in Malawi. The study was descriptive in nature and employed both qualitative and quantitative approaches to investigate key objectives, using youth-centric structures at district level as the sampling frame. The sampling techniques employed included a combination of purposive and simple random sampling. SPSS was used for statistical analysis and graphical representation of quantitative data, while qualitative data was analysed using thematic content analysis. The results showed that the youth held high positive perceptions with respect to profitability of agriculture and agribusiness, decent job creation in the sector and career development. Based on a five-point Likert Scale of ‘agree’, ‘strongly agree’, ‘disagree’, ‘strongly disagree’ and ‘no opinion’, a considerable majority of the respondents viewed agriculture and agribusiness as a profitable sector in the Malawian economy. The study also revealed the following challenges hindering youth engagement in agriculture and agribusiness; inadequate skills, lack of markets and market information; and the hanging negative perceptions on agriculture and agribusiness.

Keywords: Agribusiness, Agriculture, Entrepreneur-ship, Youth Employment, Decent Jobs

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