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Information Needs and Seeking Behavior of Young Small-Scale Dairy Farmers in Muranga County, Kenya

Journal of Applied Information Science

Volume 6 Issue 2

Published: 2018
Author(s) Name: Martha Wanjiku Thuo and Rose W. Njoroge | Author(s) Affiliation: Library Department, Muranga University of Technology, Kenya.
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Access to agricultural information influences the farming practices adopted by farmers. Small scale dairy farmers need frequent access to agricultural information to cope with modern dairy farming practices. Inefficient access and dissemination of dairy agricultural information can negatively affect the production level of dairy products. The study sought to assess the information needs and seeking behavior of young small-scale dairy farmers in Murang’a County, Kenya. The area has experienced low dairy agricultural productions despite its high potential in dairy farming. The study established that all the young dairy farmers required dairy agricultural information however dairy agricultural information is not readily available to them. Also, factors such as lack of exposure, lack of confidence, illiteracy, inadequate time and lack of funds negatively affected their information seeking behavior. The study therefore recommended the government to; recruit more extension officers within Murang’a County to ensure improved extension services, set up agricultural resource centers with qualified information providers to assess, select, market and acquire useful agricultural resources, improve infrastructure and set up cyber cafes within the sub counties and also educate dairy farmers on the use of technologies in accessing agricultural information.

Keywords: Dairy agricultural information, Information, Information seeking behavior, Kenya, Small-scale farmers, Youth.

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