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Indigenous Knowledge Domains Diseminated by the West FM Radio Station in Western Kenya

Journal of Applied Information Science

Volume 6 Issue 1

Published: 2018
Author(s) Name: Namande Ben Wekalao and Wambiri Muthee | Author(s) Affiliation: Dept. of Library and Information Science, School of Education, Kenyatta Univer., Nairobi, Kenya.
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This paper is adopted from Namande’s PhD thesis entitled the role of media in disseminating Indigenous Knowledge (IK) for socio-economic development: The Case of West FM Station in Western Kenya. The purpose of the paper is to assess the Indigenous Knowledge domains disseminated by the West FM Radio and how the said IK is leveraged in development. Multiple data collection comprising both primary and secondary data collection methods such as documentary review, face to face interview, telephone interview, observations and content analysis were applied. Thematic and explanatory data analysis approach was used to analyze qualitative data and where possible the respondents’ voices were quoted. Among the findings of the study are that IK programmes have had a positive impact on the listenership in terms of agriculture, morality and family stability. The study may be of value to policy making with regard to IK both at the national and West FM levels. The study recommends the need for a national policy on IK and further research on discovery and harvesting of IK in the study locale.

Keywords: Culture, Dissemination, Indigenous knowledge, Media, Sharing.

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