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Data Encryption Security in Mobile and Cloud Computing Environments

Journal of Applied Information Science

Volume 7 Issue 2

Published: 2019
Author(s) Name: Rashmi P. Sarode and Subhash Bhalla | Author(s) Affiliation: The University of Aizu, Japan.
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The increase in number of smartphones and their applications generates new demands. Smartphones require a higher level of processing power and computation capability. Mobile devices use batteries so their capacity is limited and wireless connectivity also hinders the processing power. Thus, mobile devices being small tend to depend on the server-side support for larger computations and Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) becomes an emerging field. As mobile cloud computing and its security has become a major hurdle for its adaptability, we discuss the security environment and their issues in mobile cloud computing. We also talk about the diverse and emerging mobile cloud computing applications. Based on an analysis of existing trends, we propose a modified data encryption model for which can secure mobile cloud computing systems and environments efficiently. We conclude the paper by analyzing the advantages as well as limitations of the proposed model and comparing it with related models.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Data encryption, Data security, Mobile cloud computing.

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