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Biometric System Based Election Procedure Using Pattern Based and Minutiae Based Method

Journal of Applied Information Science

Volume 7 Issue 1

Published: 2019
Author(s) Name: Vaibhav Nagveker, Sanket Patil, Nandakumar Gauns, Kalpesh Sawant, Joshua DSouza, Kedar Sawant, Pooja | Author(s) Affiliation: Student, Dept. of Comp. Engg., Agnel Inst. of Tech. and Design Assagao, Bardez, Goa, India.
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No traditional election procedure present today is ideal. All of the current procedures have some major flaws to them. These flaws can lead to undemocratic election procedure, where people can manipulate the system using loopholes present in them. This tends to increase the risk of monopoly (i.e. a dominant leader keeps taking control of the post by manipulating the elections). Current traditional systems include technologies like ballot paper and EVM’s. When people think about election based on ballot papers, they imagine that they are thinking of ancient technology, and in a way, this is true. Manipulations are possible by discarding many votes with even minute discrepancies and adding votes to the favored party. Although EVM’s have taken great steps in improving the election procedure by making it safe, fast, efficient it still has its flaws and can be manipulated. Proposed System uses fingerprint identification to verify a voter, only then he/she will be allowed to cast a vote. There are two major algorithms for fingerprint identification, the pattern based and the minutiae based algorithm. In the pattern based algorithm, the image of the scanned fingerprint is directly compared with the stored samples of the fingerprint. This method is useful when the scanned image is not very clear and minutiae details cannot be extracted. The disadvantages of this method are that it consumes a lot of memory as the entire fingerprint is stored. The minutiae-based algorithm is the fastest and most reliable method for fingerprint identification. In the minutiae based algorithm, the minutiae details of the finger are stored and not the original image. This is useful since it requires much less memory, and is required only when there are multiple fingerprints to be stored. The minutiae-based method is precise and much more efficient than the pattern based algorithm.

Keywords: Algorithm, Bifurcation, Enclosure, Minutiae, Pattern, Ridge, Voting.

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