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Journal of Applied Information Science

Volume 10 Issue 1

Published: 2022
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A Synopsis on Intelligent Face Discovery Frameworks

Nimisha Rajeev P., Anima M., Heera Mohan K. V., Pranav P. V. and Swetha Pai   1-9

Prediction of Air Pollution using Supervised Machine Learning

Sudha Rajesh, P. Amudhavalli and Dhanapriya A. P.   10-16

Insider Threat Detection in Organization using Machine Learning

P. Varsha Suresh and Minu Lalitha Madhavu   17-28

A Web-Based Application for Monitoring Crowd Status in Stores

Salbin Sadik, Tushar Balakrishnan V., Vinayak M. R. and Jain Stoble B.   34-38

Short-Term Rainfall using Logistic Regression Algorithm

Nishanthi P. and Sudha Rajesh   39-43

Digital Crime Reporting System by using PHP

P. Amudhavalli, Sudha Rajesh and Naseeruddin J. N.   44-49

Interactive Museum

I. S. Sarath, Jelin Treesa Joseph, Josemi Jose, Noel Gijo and Raisa Varghese   50-54

Flight Delays Prediction using Supervised Learning Algorithm

M. Sharmila and Sudha Rajesh   55-59

Dragonfly-Net: Dragonfly Classification using Convolution Neural Network

Chinmaya H. S., J. Manoj Balaji, Ganesh N. Sharma and Nithish Divakar   60-66

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