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An Uml Based Safety Analysis for Safe Software

International Journal of System and Software Engineering

Volume 1 Issue 2

Published: 2013
Author(s) Name: Bandaru Esther Sunanda | Author(s) Affiliation: Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India
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Software safety involves with the assurance that software will execute within a system context without resulting in unacceptable risk. The Safety-Critical Systems have become more prominent as there are being used in medical field and for monitoring purpose. To improve the effectiveness of the electronics systems embedded computer systems are used which includes the safety-critical software. While controlling the embedded computer systems with the software failures may occur. Due to the advances in the technologies and the usage of embedded computer systems the complexity may increase leading to risks. This paper aims at the description of the already the existing methods and metrics used for analysis of the developed embedded system and analyse its failures.An application called the Railroad Crossing Control System (RCCS) is used and UML is used as a technique to identify the hazards and they are rectified using UML diagrams with the safety issues.

Keywords: Safety-Critical Systems, RCCS, FMEA, UML

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